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College Recruiting Crash Course

What is CRCC?

The College Recruiting Crash Course (CRCC), created by College Athletic Advisor Dave Morris and SoccerGrlProbs, is a step-by-step course that helps female soccer players navigate their college search, communicate with college coaches confidently and find the perfect fit for them! This course is packed with digestible information, actionable steps, and advice from collegiate coaches, experienced players and recruiting specialists that will help Ladyballers go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control throughout their recruiting journey!

What you'll get:

  • "Which College Division Is Right For Me?" QUIZ
  • 10 step-by-step modules that include mini video webinars hosted by the founders of SoccerGrlProbs, College Athletic Advisor, Dave Morris, and bonus lessons by Locker Room Talk CEO Keirsten Sires, and NATIONALS Director, David Robertson. 

  • Actionable steps at the end of each lesson, moving the Ladyballer through the recruiting process.
  • A timeline for initiating and keeping conversation with coaches at the colleges you’re interested in

  • Building your list of potential colleges and obtaining info about each

  • Over 10 resource printouts (both educational and creative worksheets) that help hold the Ladyballer accountable and keep her on top of things
  • The best resources, blogs, podcasts, suggestions, and services for further support beyond the course

Who is this course for?

The HIGH SCHOOL ladyballer who feels confused, unsure and overwhelmed about how to get recruited to college during a pandemic. It's for the ladyballer who doesn’t know where to start and needs guidance on how to find the perfect school for her.

What does the curriculum look like?

Step by step we cover an array of topics like finding which division would be perfect for you, understanding the rules of contacting coaches, creating a list of your schools, setting non-negotiables, building your player artillery by creating soccer Instagrams and highlight videos, communicating with coaches, searching and playing in ID camps, setting up college visits (or virtual visits), and more.

Who are the coaches?

College Athletic Advisor, Dave Morris

The founder of College Athletic Advisor, brings experience coaching in NCAA Divsion I, II, and III; as well as the NAIA and the NJCAA. A graduate of the University of Michigan, with a master's degree from Frostburg (MD) State University, he has coached, taught, and served as an academic advisor and ad hoc admissions counselor for large and small public colleges, elite and selective private colleges, including at Emory University, and in nationally recognized high school and club programs.


Founders of SoccerGrlProbs, Carly Beyar Zolga, Shannon Fay, and Alanna Locast 


We are extremely proud to be role-models to young female athletes all over the world. We pride ourselves in taking the responsibility to share our real-talk personal experiences with college recruiting, tips and tricks to overcoming the struggles of being a female athlete. We each individually furthered our education (and continue to do so) to provide the best, most updated and trusted information to Ladyballers and their families on a daily basis. When you enroll in a program within SoccerGrlProbs University, you are being coached by Team SoccerGrlProbs and other professionals, like DAVE MORRIS, in the space!

Bonus Lectures By More Professionals!

  • Keirsten Sires, CEO of Locker Room Talk
  • NATIONALS Director, David Roberston


What Ladyballers & Parents Are Saying:

So grateful for this! I am only through the first 3 steps in the program and I cannot believe how much I've learned already. I had no clue where to start before this and now I have an organized list of colleges I'm researching and learning about and writing my first emails to coaches!


I have been really stressed with trying to get recruited especially since covid messing up my season and torn schedule. Now I feel I have the necessary tools to make sure that I find the perfect fit for the school I want to play at and make sure I can make it happen!


I am SO happy that we have found this! As a soccer parent I have been researching recruiting companies, but they're all so expensive. Who would have thought a $75 course could teach us so much. Myself and my daughter actually feel like we know where to start now.

Happy Soccer Parent!

The best part of this course is the email timeline for contacting coaches. It actually gave me ideas of what to mention and what to say that can help a coach see my value as a player. It doesn't seem like such a scary step anymore.