Dear Athletes Who Had Their Season Cancelled

mental health Aug 13, 2020

The thing about our sport ending is that it rarely happens when we want it to. We always hear the cliche saying, "Play every game like it's your last". Sometimes it's an injury that takes away our playing days. Or sometimes it's a loss in playoffs when we had our hearts set on ending the season with a championship win. It almost always happens when we weren't ready for it.

It's true, there is no book written on "How to Cope with Your Season Being Ended By a Pandemic" so there is no right or wrong way to be handling this. We are sure for many, if not all of you, that this wasn't how you envisioned your season going. Especially for our seniors, this was probably the last way you thought your senior year was going to come to a close.

For athletes everywhere, this time will prove as a huge crossroads. This obstacle is much like the obstacles you've faced while playing.  This event can be one that knocks you down for the count, or one that you rise back up from.

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