The Perfect Pregame Meditation to Get You In The Zone

anxiety Sep 15, 2020

The Perfect Pregame Meditation to Get You In The Zone

with Coach Seth Alan Taylor from Ianni Training

What is a BLESSING? ➡️  Declaring something good.. That’s all it is! We are going to declare something GOOD before stepping out on the field.


Put music in your headphones. Sit on bench or on grass at the field. Close your eyes.


Picture yourself stepping out of your body (like a ghost) and then face your body.

Now, don’t forget you are “the person” LOOKING at you sitting.  It’s time to give your body a blessing before playing.

As you do the following, picture a white light going into your physical body.


☝🏽 Touch your bodies forehead - "May your eyes be open to the gift that struggle is and may it make you strong"

☝🏼 Put your hands over ears - "May your ears be open to the teaching of your teammates and coaches and may it make you humble"

☝🏿 Put your hands over heart - "May your heart be open today to live life to its fullest, win or lose, whether on the field or on the bench and may it make you joyful."

☝🏼 Place your hands on top of the head - "And may your mind be at peace and focused as you set your mind to the task ahead."

☝️ Look straight in eyes and say the final blessing “GO NOW AND GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE”

Visualize sitting back down in your body. Seal yourself in. Open your eyes and GO CRUSH YOUR GAME.

🙏 👏🏻💪🏿


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Seth Taylor – Director of Content, Ianni Training

Seth is a Writer, Life Coach, and Soccer Coach from Seattle, WA. His work has primarily focused on helping people deal with anxiety, depression, and other experiential struggles as they play out in work, sports, and family life. He is a keynote speaker for Major League Soccer on issues of identity and life/work balance in their athletes and is the author of On Frame: Exploring the Depths of Parenting in the World of Youth Soccer as well as The Coaching Revolution: An Interactive Guide to Finding Joy and Excellence in Coaching. 
More recently, he is one of the coaches within SoccerGrlProbs' new program: LADYBALLERS GUIDE TO CONQUERING ANXIETY.
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