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anxiety youth soccer Dec 07, 2020

It’s strange how much we have to remind ourselves that youth soccer is “supposed to be fun”.

Our parents have to remind us to “have fun” and coaches feel the need to tell us,

“Remember: go out there and have fun.”

Did I miss something? Is fun something kids have to be trained for and constantly reminded of because they seem to lose that skill over time?

I always thought that fun is a child’s natural state.

My kids are 6 and 8 and when they come to me and say,

“We’re bored. What should we do?”

I say, “Go be kids”.

And sure enough, I’ll find them a few minutes later having created a wolf den out of an Amazon box and they’re hunting wolves with sticks/lightsabers they found outside. Children naturally slide into the state known as “play”. It’s literally their essence.

And we take that from them in so many ways at such an early age. When I have spoken to...

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5 Tips to Maintain Optimal Nutrition While Traveling (Or On The Go)

nutrition snacks traveling Nov 02, 2020

Soccer season means weekend games, long bus rides, overnight stays in hotels, early mornings, and late nights not in the comfort of your own home. Although these trips give you the best memories with your team and heighten that competitive feeling, they could have a serious impact on your performance nutrition…if you’re not prepared. Traveling often involves having a meal at a restaurant, grabbing fast food, or eating in the car on the way to the field. While it is not always easy to eat nutritiously on the road, it is possible!

Proper nutrition for athletes is so important for performance and recovery. Particularly for soccer players since soccer is a very physically and mentally demanding sport. With only one break in 90 minutes and running some serious mileage throughout a game, you want to be on your A-game no matter the conditions!

Here are a Registered Dietitian and former collegiate athletes’ 5 tips for Nutrition on the GO:

1. Come...

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The Perfect Pregame Meditation to Get You In The Zone

anxiety Sep 15, 2020

The Perfect Pregame Meditation to Get You In The Zone

with Coach Seth Alan Taylor from Ianni Training

What is a BLESSING?   Declaring something good.. That’s all it is! We are going to declare something GOOD before stepping out on the field.


Put music in your headphones. Sit on bench or on grass at the field. Close your eyes.


Picture yourself stepping out of your body (like a ghost) and then face your body.

Now, don’t forget you are “the person” LOOKING at you sitting.  It’s time to give your body a blessing before playing.

As you do the following, picture a white light going into your physical body.


Touch your bodies forehead - "May your eyes be open to the gift that struggle is and may it make you strong"

Put your hands over ears - "May your ears be open to the teaching of your teammates and coaches and may it make you humble"

Put your hands over heart - "May your heart be open today to...

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Dear Athletes Who Had Their Season Cancelled

mental health Aug 13, 2020

The thing about our sport ending is that it rarely happens when we want it to. We always hear the cliche saying, "Play every game like it's your last". Sometimes it's an injury that takes away our playing days. Or sometimes it's a loss in playoffs when we had our hearts set on ending the season with a championship win. It almost always happens when we weren't ready for it.

It's true, there is no book written on "How to Cope with Your Season Being Ended By a Pandemic" so there is no right or wrong way to be handling this. We are sure for many, if not all of you, that this wasn't how you envisioned your season going. Especially for our seniors, this was probably the last way you thought your senior year was going to come to a close.

For athletes everywhere, this time will prove as a huge crossroads. This obstacle is much like the obstacles you've faced while playing.  This event can be one that knocks you down for the count, or one that you rise back up from.

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The Athlete's Performance Plate & Fueling Times

nutrition Aug 13, 2020

Performance Plate

For your training and practice days, use this plate break down to stay fueled. Easily break down your plate into protein, fruits and vegetables, and grains + starches. Don’t forget to add some healthy fats to the side!

Fueling Schedule for Morning Practice

Before we talk about game day nutrition, it is important to nail down your practice fueling schedule. You want to practice like you play. The same thing applies to nutrition and figuring out the best way to fuel your body for optimal soccer performance!

Morning Practice

When you have morning training, make sure to eat breakfast before heading to the field. Check out my easy overnight oat recipe for a quick pre-training breakfast! Ideally, you will want to eat 1-2 hours before training. 

If training is too early (you don’t need to wake up at 4:00 am to fuel for 6:00 am training), fuel with a small snack and make sure to fuel properly with a good meal the night...

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Nutrition Basics: What Is A Carbohydrate, Proteins and Fat?

nutrition Aug 13, 2020

Nutrition Basics

The physical demands of soccer require a ton of energy and this means you need to eat to fuel your body!

The only way to keep up with all of these physical demands for every training and game is to give your body the fuel it needs. Implementing a fueling plan is going to ensure that your body has the energy it needs to compete at your full potential on the field.

Before we jump into what you need to eat, you must understand the basics of the food you eat.


The largest component of a soccer player’s diet is going to be carbohydrates. Carbohydrates (carbs) are your body’s preferred source of energy. While all of your meals and snacks should contain carbs, the amount and type will vary. 

For example, at meals, you should aim to incorporate grains and starches for proper energy intake. Some examples are 

  • Rice
  • Whole grain bread, bagels, and English muffins
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole wheat/whole grain pasta
  • Potatoes

Carbs that are rich in...

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