We are here to support the holistic athlete through education in fitness, nutrition, mentality, stress and anxiety management, and so much more.



SoccerGrlProbs University prides itself on providing educational support in all aspects of the athlete's life. We want to provide the tools for Ladyballers to grow confidence in their abilities as they takes care of themselves: mind, body, spirit and athlete.


We firmly believe that everything you DO and EAT affects performance, on and off the field. With our knowledge in holistic health & fitness nutrition, we educate you on how to incorporate healthier foods & good habits that work for you, as a student-athlete. 


With our Strength & Conditioning knowledge, we want to educate you on how to properly train for strength, speed, agility and injury prevention. With our help, you will feel prepared and confident in your abilities to exceed coach's expectations. 


Through personal experience, we know firsthand how much stress and anxiety can affect our lives as student-athletes. We've partnered with Seth Alan Taylor of Ianni Training to help you manage your anxiety through mind-body connection techniques. 

20-Day Stay At-Home Workout & Recipe Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing the world to stay within the confinements of their homes. We are here to help Ladyballers stay fit, healthy and on top of their game while at-home. This program includes 20 workouts and 20 healthy recipe ideas that you do not want to miss (Video demos included)

ONLY $19.99

Join over 7,000 soccer players in our Ladyballer Challenge!

Looking for a personal development challenge? Every day for 21-days, you'll receive an at-home workout, skills challenge, health lesson, meditation session, and so much more. Also, you get a BONUS FREEBIE: 60 Snack Ideas for the Female Athlete eBook (value of $14.99)

ONLY $9.99

COMING SOON: Ladyballers Guide to Conquering Anxiety

Are you a Ladyballer who experiences pregame jitters, panic attacks, self-doubt and anxiety? Worry no more. We teamed up with Seth Alan Taylor to bring you a step-by-step game plan to reducing your anxiety and managing your stress as a high-pressure student-athlete. 


Fitness Testing 101

Are you worried about not passing your fitness tests? Confused about how to prepare? Whether it's for preseason or post-season, SoccerGrlProbs breaks down the most popular fitness tests and gives you step-by-step recommendations to help you pass with flying colors! 

THE SOCCER GIRL PROBLEMS PODCAST by SoccerGrlProbs: Over 700+ 5-STAR reviews!

The Soccer Girl Problems Podcast is a fun, entertaining, and informative look into the life of a Ladyballer, on and beyond the field. The three founders and podcast hosts, Carly Beyar, Shannon Fay and Alanna Locast are the Ladyballers behind the hilarious viral YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram account, SoccerGrlProbs. Whether it’s talking about their experience as collegiate soccer players and struggles of being a female athlete, current soccer news, or interviews with professionals, the insights you get here will inspire you to transform your game, your mentality and your overall life as a ladyballer.

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